Learning from nature by Boons
Learning from nature by Boons
Learning from Nature is BOONS’ social program,
which aims to spread empathy and thankfulness
by following the example set by animals and nature.
Take a look at our content and be inspired.


Learning from Nature is BOONS’ social program that aims to inspire each and every person through nature and animals.

It has two clear objetives:

To build a more empathetic and thankful society.


To reconnect human beings with nature.

There is a tendency to try and make animals more human. However, we suggest the opposite: that animals can make us more human. That we can learn from their virtues. We believe that animals and nature are a vehicle for social transformation.

Qué es LFN

1- Our objetive is to promote empathy and thankfulness in the world. We are convinced that these are the most powerful and effective attitudes for building a better planet.

2- Through Learning from Nature we want to inspire individuals to be open to doing just that: learn from nature. We believe in the transformative power animals and nature have to bring out the best in us and help us to evolve. Animals make us more human.

3- At BOONS we prepare top quality dog food recipes with natural ingredients. BOONS is honest food; a way of thanking dogs for everything they give and teach us.

Animals make us more human.